There is no tougher environment than when you’re 2500m 
underground –
NEPEAN Conveyors winches are designed to operate in the harshest mining environments. 


They offer operational advantages over gravity take-up systems and are designed with complete conveyor system performance in mind.


A full range of proven designs:


Eddy Current Winch

  • Simple, reliable design

  • Flameproof or IP55 design

  • Linear control response

  • The most cost effective winch type
    on the 

  • 55 or 110kW


Hydraulic Winch

  • Fast response

  • Flameproof or IP55 design

  • No controller required

  • Direct hydraulic winch to 75kW


VVVF Winch

  • Unrivalled accuracy and response

  • Mechanically simple design

  • Complete range of diagnostic tools

  • VVVF winches up to 75kW


Gravity Take Up

  • Simple and reliable

  • True T2 constant tension

  • Underground designs available

  • Can be used in conjunction with constant tension winch for difficult overland or drift conveyor applications

Electro-Mechanical Winches

  • Ideal for servicing GTU counterweights or for non-live application

  • All designed to operate in the harshest mining environments

  • Minimum IP55 rating for electrical devices.


NEPEAN Conveyors winches are designed with complete conveyor systems performance in mind, and to suit the specific client requirements.