Weigh Roller

Minimal vibration and maximum accuracy

NEPEAN Conveyors have significant experience in designing conveying solutions that are safe, reliable and enable maximum productivity levels. NEPEAN Conveyors specialise in products for the future of mining.


Weigh quality rollers are a vital part of the conveyor weigh scales to ensure maximum accuracy and minimum vibration when measuring.


The Weigh rollers are utilised as lead-in and lead-out assemblies to the belt weigh station. These high quality rollers are machined accurately to ensure Total Indicated Runout (TIR) is less than 0.1mm and a Maximum Indicated Slope (MIS) to be no greater than 0.03mm/6° of rotation.


Our in-house dynamic balancing ensures the weigh roller is dynamically balanced to ISO 1940.1 G16 or better if required.


The Weigh rollers precision bored and chamfered tubes are designed to achieve correct housing squareness and all shaft ends are fitted with leveling screws to provide vertical adjustments. In summary, it is a maintenance free, accurate measuring roller.


  • Machined and balanced to ensure superior belt weigh measurability

  • Manufactured and processed in-house to ensure the highest quality

  • Fitted with leveling screws at each end to provide vertical adjustment

  • Low TIR and MIS values to reduce inaccurate measurements

  • Wide range of size offerings (diameter and bearings)

  • Performance of the highest quality


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