NEPEAN Conveyors opens new manufacturing facility in Bassendean, WA



During the recent boom times in Western Australia we noticed a large amount of low quality, short life niche products enter the market through our competitors, with this we recognised an opportunity to bring back the focus to long life, high quality, reliable idlers and pulleys that NEPEAN Conveyors has long been known for. To do this effectively we needed to set up a manufacturing business in WA.



We moved forward with the plans and now NEPEAN Conveyors has a fully operational conveyor manufacturing business specialising in OEM conveyor products in Bassendean WA. At our facility our specialist conveyor engineers are available to solve the most difficult technical challenges in the market.


In addition to traditional repair methods NEPEAN Conveyors has designed and manufactured our own conveyor pulley acceptance and test rig which allows us to remove the possibility of premature bearing failure upon installation caused by underlying bearing defects.


This test rig can also be used for accelerated life tests of conveyor idlers which forms part of NEPEAN Conveyor’s R&D program.



NEPEAN Conveyors is now able to support our clients in the Western Australian region with ongoing needs for idlers and pulleys, including, design checks, new pulleys, overhauls and acceptance testing. Our Polymer idler range, disc return range and aluminium range is now available, locally as a Western Australian manufactured product.


NEPEAN Conveyors is leading the way in conveyor product manufacturing, we can now focus on customer opportunity and maintaining our excellent service and technical offering.

The Solution

The Result

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