Why You Need Quality Underground Coal Conveyor Systems

Continued development of heavy machinery and equipment, allows mining operations to be safer and more efficient than ever before. When purchasing and installing underground coal conveyor systems, it is crucial to buy them from a reputable installer that can provide you with all the benefits of cutting-edge hardware.


Don't Settle for Anything but the Best Underground Coal Conveyor Systems

High-quality conveyor systems allow you to minimise liability at your company. By choosing high-end components for your systems, you can significantly reduce the risk of the following:


  • Delays caused by a mechanical failure from wear-and-tear on old equipment.

  • Increased operating costs due to constantly replacing sub-standard components.

  • Reduced workplace safety due to improper planning and installation.

At NEPEAN Conveyors, we've become a leading supplier and installer of coal conveyor systems in Australia by using the highest-quality parts, sourcing cost-effective materials from local providers, and taking time to understand each client's exact requirements so that we can design and install safe, efficient, and long-lasting conveyor systems for them.

The Benefits of Purchasing Underground Coal Conveyor Systems from NEPEAN

When we install your coal conveyor system, you can expect the following advantages:


  • Conceptual studies conducted at your site to enhance the planning and development of your conveyor systems.

  • Systems that are up to 25% quieter and more efficient than your current conveyor infrastructure.

  • Significant cost-savings due to the increased lifespan of systems made with NEPEAN components.

For additional information on our coal conveyor systems, don't hesitate to contact our office and speak with one of our team members., We'll be delighted to explain more about how we can help you.

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