Transfer Stations

Transfer Station over water

NEPEAN Conveyors design and manufacture world-class transfer stations, transfer towers, floor mounted transfers and roof mounted transfer stations.


Customers gain the benefit of our vast knowledge, experience and performance driven 


NEPEAN Conveyor Transfer Stations are designed to reduce belt wear, material 
degradation, dust
emissions and improve material flow behaviour. Using DEM software, dynamic simulations test the material flow through the transfer to optimise every design.


NEPEAN Conveyors will adopt a transfer station style appropriate to each project and any customer specific requirements. A large variety of wear surface materials and wear liners are available to suit specific applications and

product materials.


Some common transfer chute types include:


Hood & Spoon Chutes
Fully adjustable design to optimise flow
with multi-directional chutes.

Dewatering facilities can be included in the fines

tray and/or the spoon chute.


Inline Chutes
Adaptable to tramp iron magnet installations,

dewatering and tripper/booster drive applications. 


Rock Box
Often used to benefit hard rock mining, rock box
transfers are suited to dry, abrasive and lumpy
material. Designed so the material fills a ledge or
several ledges, creating a wear surface providing
an ideal impact plate for two materials with 

equal properties. Rock box transfers are avoided

if the material is fine, wet or sticky.



Inside Chute
Inside Transfer Chute