Vale’s new truckless S11D Iron ore complex: Thinking outside the box to achieve outstanding results.

Competitiveness in mining brings Vale’s S11D Eliezer Batista Complex to a new operating level, it is the largest low-cost iron ore mining project in the world. A high-productivity project producing quality iron ore at low operating costs. It’s an enterprise that integrates productivity with a low-impact on communities, and technology with environmental intelligence.

In addition to increasing production in the state of Pará to 230 million metric tons per year, the project brings innovative solutions such as the truckless system, which replaces traditional off-highway trucks for conveyor belts, replacing fixed crushers and off highway trucks (OHT), the system uses movable crushers and conveyor belts.

Instead of the 100 off-highway trucks that would be required for this task, a structure comprised of shovels and movable crushers will extract the iron ore and feed approximately 30 kilometres of conveyors leading the product to the processing plant. Vale is pioneering the way in low cost long term mining operations with an appetite for technically superior products for conveying. The HM150 and HM140 range of formed precision rollers are a key innovative product utilised on S11D conveyors that competitors fear and reliability engineers see value. These technically superior rollers don’t use a conventional bearing housing which in some cases due to poor maintenance practices can lead to belt damage, the HM roller range is formed from one single piece of tube and then line bored for accurate bearing alignment resulting in the most reliable high-performance roller for iron ore and other heavy-duty applications.

At Vale’s world class facility S11D they continuously strive for increased output and increasingly reliable conveying systems. With Iron ore processing speeds, up to 11 meter/second (36 feet/sec) and capacities up to 52,000 tonnes/hour being common, reliability is an absolute must. For such speeds, traditionally welded heavy-duty rollers must be machined for roundness. To compensate for the metal loss, the rollers are dynamically balanced and counterweights are applied – complicated indeed and a thing of the past now that the new HM formed rollers have been proven in the most arduous of applications.

NEPEAN Conveyors introduces a technology shift, the HM150 formed rollers are an intelligent design only innovative mining companies an engineer[WG1] can appreciate, the sophisticated manufacturing process forming and boring components are the key to its superior characteristics. No belt damage or unreliable plastic roller, just a superior, reliable, round roller that lasts. Proven at 50,000 TPH.

NEPEAN Conveyors HM150 formed rollers are suitable for the high belt speeds and tonnages required in iron ore processing and other demanding conveyor applications.

Short of major expansions, the most effective way to boost conveying capacity are to reduce down-time and increase belt speeds. NEPEAN Conveyors HM150 formed rollers let you do both, reliably. Increased roller life, reliability and energy efficiency create new opportunities for raised tonnages of the modern conveyor conveyed per h.

NEPEAN Conveyors supply scope of HM150 rollers

HM150 roller technology creates vast improvements in the optimisation of conveyor performance, minimising conveyor production delays and improving reliability, we have supplied 30,863 HM150 rollers for the overland conveyor in the S11D complex. The HM150 rollers are the first with a diameter of 219mm to be installed in the Vale mine, which allow the overland conveyor with a 10km extension to deliver 17000 tons per hour of iron ore from the mine to the operation.Our international strength, service offering and wider suite of products gained through our combined brands PROK, GURTEC and ROXON positions NEPEAN as the number one choice for quality conveyor components.

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