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Case Study

Project Challenge When it comes to challenging conveying scenarios, our specialist team are experts and offered a solution to projected capacity constraints for one of our top tier clients. The overland conveyor consisted of typical 18m & 24m modular gantry frames and pipe trestles.

The concentrator 1 to concentrator 2 crushed feed conveyors are made up of 3 individual conveyors. The conveyors are designed to convey hard rock from the primary crushed stockpile through the existing plant requiring the conveyors to fit around existing conveyors, services and roadways and interface with a new screen and sizer building to provide a new stockpile to be processed in the 2nd concentrator.

Our client requested that all gantries be completely guarded on both sides of the gantry walkways and delivered to site complete to aid in installation time-frames. This created an interesting task to standardise the pitch spacing between idlers, guard posts and walkways to allow for common components, such as guard panels, walkway panels, handrails and even the gantry frames. The gantry over the haul road was increased to a total span of 48m. This is the longest gantry frame that NEPEAN Conveyors has ever designed and built. Additional design and transport requirements made this a great challenge to overcome.

During the design phase NEPEAN Conveyors was tasked with changing the gantry lengths to suit new findings on site to do with underground services and haul road exclusion zones. The trestle footings had to be adjusted, which required NEPEAN Conveyors engineering team to redesign gantry lengths. Using a suite of design tools such as Navisworks to aid in the interface of multiple companies, each working on their own pieces of equipment. This allowed NEPEAN to provide with confidence our equipment that would fit with no issues.

Project Solution

Due to site limitations with the haulage road under conveyor 1, one gantry frame had to span 48m. The end of conveyor 2 had to be cantilevered to span over the final stockpile.

NEPEAN Conveyors had to interface with a crusher screening building, supplied by another company between conveyor 20 & conveyor 21, while the transfer tower at conveyor 22 was supplied by NEPEAN Conveyors. Complete with chute work and load stations.

The solutions we provided:

  • Keeping with the existing gantry frame width to maintain walkway access to the rest of the conveyor gantries.

  • Dealing with increased harmonic frequencies due to the larger span from walkway traffic and side wind gusts.

  • Balancing the steelwork required in the gantry to provide the strength for the operational loads and the harmonic frequencies and the physical mass to transport, lift and self-support.

The Result

During the project the client identified a small 3 day window of opportunity to install the conveyor 22, conveyor as there was a site maintenance scheduled. The client asked NEPEAN Conveyors with only 6 weeks from the due date to identify if NEPEAN Conveyors could deliver.

At this stage, the 48m gantry and other major components of conveyor 22 were still in design, but with a dedicated and committed Engineering, Project and Manufacturing team, NEPEAN Conveyors changed their manufacturing strategy to accommodate the new schedule delivery. The project team worked incredible hours and committed themselves to be on top of all the required deliverables for the 3 day shutdown window.

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