Facility to focus on optimising service life

From The National Mining Chronical

- Nepean Conveyors have recently expanded operations into Western Australia, setting up an advanced conveyor pulley testing facility.

The company recognised the importance of focusing on optimising service life and reducing down-time through supply of high quality, reliable and innovative conveyor solutions.

Because of this their new WA facility is equipped with the latest technology in vibration analysis equipment for conveyor pulley defect analysis.

The testing machine enables Nepean to verify that a pulley is ready for service and it will perform for the long-term.

NEPEAN Conveyors WA Facility

“As a precision Australian manufacturer and OEM we focus on producing high quality market leading products to benefit our clients in the short and long term” Nepean Conveyors General Manager Paul Byrne said. Reliability is the key.

“The cost of changing a pulley or idler typically far out ways the cost of the product itself; therefore, product quality and the associated reliability is the most important factor when selecting a supplier.

“Our pulleys are tested in simulated conditions to ensure that the bearing and pulley performs to OEM specification, this guarantees performance in the field.”

The test rig allows Nepean to identify any bearing defect and the severity, it even detects defects that cannot be noticed through typical visual inspections.

This ultimately means customers can be sure that when their pulley goes into operation it will not suffer from any premature failure due to underlying bearing defects which can occur even in new bearings, saving you time and money.

With over 30 years experience designing high-performance and high-capacity conveyor systems, Nepean’s expertise covers all types of conveyors including, long high-capacity overland conveyors, relocatable conveyors, port conveyors, in-plant conveyors, underground and downhill regenerative conveyors.

Its multidisciplinary team holds skills in mechanical, structural and civil design and has a full engineering and drafting office capable of delivering small and large design projects from concept to detailed design.

Nepean is also the largest Australian manufacturer of conveyor idlers and pulleys and, in addition has strategically located repair and overhaul facilities for pulleys around Australia, with the latest in Bassendean, WA.

Nepean provides comprehensive conveyor inspection and auditing services which are used by clients to improve the reliability of the conveyor systems.

Its audit program includes a visual check of conveyor condition, inspecting all static and dynamic components, including conveyor idlers, skirts, chutes, belt-cleaning systems, steel works, foundations, structures to gantry level, conveyor belt tracking, pulleys and bearings, guarding, brakes, winches and the conveyor drive (gearbox, motors, flywheels and couplings).

Inspection data is used to create various reports, utilising a traffic light system to prioritise repair and maintenance requirements.

Where definitive condition-based results are needed, objective measurement and additional reports can be produced to determine the lifecycle of certain critical items.

Nepean has delivered conveyor solutions to the mining industry for more than three decades and in the process, has become a recognised partner with a number of leading mining companies.

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