Steel Rollers that last!

Maintenance free, sealed for life, precision ball bearing rollers.

NEPEAN Conveyors Perth facility

Case Study:

The problem lies with our competitors frequently failing rollers and reduced expected roller life due to inferior design. This results in a significant high cost to replace and maintain for our customers.

NEPEAN's solution design are our steel rollers manufactured using welded end housings, which are equipped with specially designed patented flange housings.

Our WA facility has a superior design and manufacturing process that has resulted in a steel roller engineered to ensure optimum performance, reliability and durability. Other features also include its belt friendly design which means it is not prone to the “pizza cutter” effect, has high impact resistance and is equipped with precision bearings greased for life.

The NEPEAN Conveyors Steel Rollers high quality tube is manufactured for conveyor rollers conforming to SABS 657/3 standards and its shell can be hot vulcanised rubber lagged or galvanised wear coated for special applications.


• Can sustain higher loads, ideal for heavy duty applications

• Welded rollers not susceptible to housing removal over time due to high loads, belt tracking, thermal expansion/contraction and moisture absorption

• Housing ends can be precision balanced to required specifications

• Steel rollers can be machined, galvanised, hot vulcanised rubber lagged, FRAS lagged and wear coated

• Cost savings of replacement rollers with fewer failures and less maintenance

• Performance of the highest quality

Steel Roller

Click here to checkout why our WA facility is leading the way!

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