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IN 1991, NEPEAN Conveyors refurbished its first pulley; since then the company has amassed the knowledge and experience to manufacture and overhaul engineered pulleys for underground, overland, plant and port applications.

NEPEAN Conveyors understands the importance of reliability in the mining environment.

Operational readiness, reliability and the working life of any conveying system is all dependent on the system being appropriately equipped, serviced and maintained.

The company partners with its customers to not only supply products that are individually designed, but to offer rationalisation solutions through its conveyor auditing services which help minimise site inventory.

NEPEAN Conveyors has been proudly ISO 9001:2008 certified for more than 19 years. The company’s Quality Management System (QMS) controls every aspect from design to dispatch, ensuring a quality product is produced on every occasion.

Robust design software built to Australia Standards allows NEPEAN Conveyors to rapidly engineer pulleys, regardless of the application.

Solid engineering capability, combined with technological advances such as Finite Element Analysis, allows the company to optimise the design for pulleys under extreme operational conditions, to provide the best-value solution, every time.

NEPEAN Conveyors does not compromise on quality; however, it understands the importance of being globally competitive and, as such, has developed proven global and local supply chain networks.

The company has formed strategic partnerships with reputable OEM's to ensure only quality and trusted components are used.

“Centre of Excellence” is not just a buzz word at NEPEAN Conveyors. Constant investment ensures that the company’s pulley components are manufactured and assembled to the highest manufacturing standards. By keeping all of these processes in house NEPEAN Conveyors ensures quick turnaround of new and refurbished pulleys.

One of its latest strategic investments is a new CNC lathe with a 13 tonne machining capacity, which is driven by High Speed Machining (HSM) software that guarantees components are efficiently machined to the highest precision.

Because fitting bearings, components and direct bond ceramic lagging demand specific atmospheric conditions, NEPEAN Conveyors is able to replicate these conditions in its pulley assembly and lagging cleanrooms.

The company is able to perform Root Cause Analysis and design reviews on any failed pulley. Its OEM certified workforce will confidently, and competently, identify any failure modes and rectify accordingly to prolong the asset.

The leading cause of premature pulley failure is inadequate onsite storage. Extreme weather conditions such as high temperature, heavy rainfall and dust can lead to grease degradation, contamination and water ingress, greatly reducing the service life of the asset.

Pallet racking solutions, onsite storage facilities and preventative maintenance ensure that stock pulleys are available and ready for service on demand.

Through NEPEAN Conveyors’ pulley asset management system customers can log in and access real time information on the asset. Critical information such as general assembly drawings, lubrication requirements past and future service information are available at the click of a mouse.

The combination of engineering, quality, sourcing, manufacturing excellence supported by its pulley assets management system makes NEPEAN Conveyors the obvious choice.

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