Jimblebar Expansion - Active Take Up Winch

Active Take Up Winch

This Active Take-Up Winch was recently designed and manufactured for a top tier WA iron ore miner and valued customer. Our long term commitment to our customers and our intimate knowledge of conveyor systems & conveyor products means that we will provide the best outcomes for any given system.

The Active Take-Up Winch for CV002 is part of the Jimblebar expansion. This overland conveyor will transfer up to 11000 TPH of Iron ore, with an Installed power of 7.5 MW. NEPEAN Conveyors was responsible for the Take-up system design and winch supply for CV002.

One of the main challenges was due to the combination of very high required take-up movement speeds as well as very high static belt tensions (716 kN). In the design of a traditional take-up winch this would lead to the necessary selection of a very large electric motor as the motor would usually need to be large enough to control and release the high static tension.

In this case we used an innovative approach, through a smart hydraulic power unit. The result is a winch that has a small motor which can react quickly to tension changes, but is also capable of resisting and releasing very large static tensions and dynamic tension spikes.

NEPEAN Conveyors is at the forefront in designing and optimising conveyor systems & products.

We will update on commissioning next month.

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