Rubber Disc Return Roller

Durable, reliable conveyor roller for wear issues

NEPEAN Conveyors have significant experience in designing conveying solutions that are safe, reliable and enable maximum productivity levels. NEPEAN Conveyors specialise in products for the future of mining.


The NEPEAN Conveyors Rubber Disc Return Idlers operate by utilising durable rubber discs positioned at regular intervals along the roller to effectively eliminate conveyor belt carry back build up. This is done by breaking up the material on the return side of the conveyor belt which is normally concentrated in the centre of the belt. The rubber discs are bunched together at either end of the roller to provide support and protection to the belt edges.


The rubber discs avoid the build up of material that can be deposited onto the roller surface which can cause the roller diameter to develop an irregular worn surface and change shape. This is often a major cause of belt mistracking. Highly effective, NEPEAN Conveyors Rubber Disc rollers are a reliable and simple maintenance solution to this common belt conveyor problem.


Ideal solution for areas where return rollers are subject to high carry back volumes and where return rollers are subject to high shell wearing.


  • Cost savings of replacement rollers with less failures and maintenance free

  • Performance of the highest quality

  • Can sustain higher loads

  • Ideal for return belt carryback problems

  • Ideal for high wear environments


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