Light Duty Pulley

Light Duty Pulley

NEPEAN Conveyors low tension, high quality engineered pulleys are the perfect cost effective solution for prep plants, quarries and development mining applications.


Features and Benefits

  • In-house design fit-for-purpose

  • Low-tension design, low-cost with short lead time

  • Diameters to suit up to PN1000 belt.

  • Bare, poly or rubber lagging

  • Cost effective pipe design for pipes 160 - 450mm (OD)


Standardised and Custom Design to Suit to Belt Types

  • PN500/3 | PN630/4 | PN800/4 |PN1000/4 and belt widths 750 - 1200mm

  • Rugged for tough mining conditions

  • Space-saving to reduce overall equipment size and weight

  • Custom designed to suit any light duty application.


Available Options

  • Live shaft or dead shaft

  • Flat or crowned pulleys

  • Drive or non-drive


Typical applications

  • Prep plants

  • Development conveyor applications (750/1200 belt width)

  • Quarries