Pulley Lagging

Prior to lagging all NEPEAN pulley’s are shot blasted to AS 1627, PART 4 CLASS 2 ½.


All pulley’s are undercoated prior to lagging within 60 minutes of shot blasting and top coated to a dry film thickness of 150μm.


NEPEAN pulley’s come with an option of cold bond, hot vulcanised and direct bond ceramic lagging options.

Typical applications: Critical for drive pulley applications.
Features and benefits: This product has been specifically developed and tested to greatly improve the durability and strength of the bonding of the Lagging to the Pulley Shell and the Ceramic Tiles to Rubber Backing Panel. The end result is a product that achieves an exceptional balance between durability, drive traction, abrasion resistance and cushioning. 

Typical applications: Small diameters and port applications. 
Features and benefits: Hard wearing for demanding conditions and grooved for water dispersion. FRAS or natural, one piece moulded to shell. 


Typical applications: LD, MD, HD pulleys, drive and
non-drive pulleys.
Features and benefits: Cost-effective, dewatering,
FRAS* or natural, improved belt grip, various thickness tailored to application (10-30mm).

Hot vulcanised available upon request. 

CN Filler (Chloroprene bonding) available upon request.

Rubber Back Ceramic Lagging
Typical applications: Drive pulleys, MD and HD pulleys.
Features and benefits: Dimpled (for drive pulleys) and smooth (for non-drive applications), reduces LTU tension requirements through better power transmission, increases pulley life, improved belt grip. 

CN Filler (Chloroprene bonding) available upon request.

Direct Bond Ceramic (Available for improved adhesion)
Typical applications: Drive pulleys, Non-Drive, MD and HD pulleys.
Features and benefits: Low friction on non-drives, increase friction coefficient on drive pulleys, grouted tiles decrease the risk of ingress and corrosion, longer service life, superior bonding strength, proven application.

*FRAS = Fire retardant antistatic (for underground applications)


Hot Vulcanised Ceramic 

Pulley Lagging - Polyurethane


Pulley Lagging - Rubber

Hot Vulcanised Rubber - cold/hot

Pulley Lagging - Ceramic


Pulley Lagging - DB Ceramic

DB Ceramic