Choosing the Right Manufacturers for Your Next Mobile Conveyor System

Consistent technological advancements in the mining industry place pressure on companies to upgrade their equipment regularly. Staying competitive may require investment in innovative new systems that can increase your versatility and allow you to conduct a wider range of work. One elegant solution is to purchase a mobile conveyor system that can be moved and modified with ease, allowing you to remain on top of your company regardless of the obstacles you face.

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Conveyor System?

Almost no mine in Australia can function and comply with safety standards without having a conveyor system, but having a fixed solution isn't always appropriate. Here's why a mobile conveyor system is often advantageous:


  • You can easily adapt mobile conveyors for use in a variety of environments.

  • Mobile conveyors are easily broken down, transported to other locations, and set up again. As such, they reduce downtime and promote greater productivity.

  • Mobile conveyors accelerate material handling even during smaller tasks, reducing manual labour and preventing risk to your personnel.

NEPEAN Conveyors is one of Australia’s leading bulk handling equipment manufacturers, with a global reputation for excellence. We offer first-class mobile conveyor solutions in addition to providing parts and maintenance for existing fixed systems, making us an invaluable resource for new and returning clients alike.

Our Other Services

We offer a robust platform of services designed to support clients in the mining industry, which includes:


  • Equipment consulting service by a team of mechanical, civil, electrical and structural engineers.

  • Site inspection to ensure that any solution we produce is tailored to the requirements of your facility.

  • Post-purchase maintenance and safety training for employees to ensure continued success with all products.

If you want to learn more about your options, don't hesitate to call one of our friendly professionals. We'll be happy to explain our systems and services in greater detail so that you can make a reliable choice for your mine site.

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