Choosing a Conveyor Refurbishment Facility to Upgrade Your Mining Site

Refurbishing your conveyor components on your site keeps it safe and functional. If you are in the process of site overhaul, it will be vital to address the components in your belt systems. Replacing old components ensures that your systems will continue to perform optimally. Use a state-of-the-art mining conveyor refurbishment facility for best results.


How NEPEAN Can Overhaul Your Conveyor Systems


NEPEAN Conveyors is a company with 35+ years of experience with mining conveyor systems. Choose our mining conveyor refurbishment facility, and you’ll receive:


  1. Detailed support from engineers who embrace new ideas and innovations.

  2. Wide-ranging product manufacturing knowledge that enables informed and effective refurbishment procedures.

  3. Well-documented information for you and your personnel about the condition of your systems.


NEPEAN Conveyors is more than just a mining conveyor refurbishment facility. We also produce new conveyor equipment for our valued clients in mining, engineering, and industrial manufacturing. If you must replace your conveyor systems, we can provide you with ideal new options.


Related Services We Offer


Contact us whenever you need help with:


  1. Improving reliability at your site via maintenance and training.

  2. Sourcing new conveyor products that are quieter, more reliable, and more energy-efficient.

  3. Seeking after-sales support for a recently built conveyor system.


Consider us your number one resource for help with your conveyor systems. Call NEPEAN Conveyors today and let us take care of all your conveyor-related needs.

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