HDPE Roller

Nylon Roller

Light weight and belt friendly roller

NEPEAN Conveyors have significant experience in designing conveyor rollers which meet customer criteria of safety, reliability, low noise output, supreme sealing and bearing life and ensuring maximum optimisation.

NEPEAN Conveyors HDPE composite engineering designed roller uses a specifically formulated glass reinforced Nylon compound to produce a light weight and belt friendly roller capable of heavy duty applications. Its material selection offers a mass reduction of up to 50% compared to a standard steel roller.


Its benefits include minimizing the potential for manual handling injuries from during installation and change outs. Its low total indicated run-out (T.I.R) and low friction seals ensure low break away mass and run resistance during operation. It achieves low operating self-noise output compared to standard steel rollers, ideal for use in noise sensitive environments.


Its engineering design incorporates an anti-jamming end disc, which mitigates roller seizures and improves reliability. It’s specifically designed as a belt conveyor friendly roller, not subject to the “pizza cutter” and “potato peeler” effects once the roller has failed in-situ.




  • Light weight construction

  • High wear resistance shell properties

  • Low T.I.R and breakaway mass

  • Supreme ingression resistance

  • Ideal for any application

  • Greased for life roller

  • Maintenance free


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