Deadshaft Pulley

Dead Shaft Pulley

Pulley Mounting Bracket

  • Custom designed to suit any application

  • Available to match footprint and centre height of most bearing housings (allows for deadshaft to replace liveshaft)

  • Allows for quick pulley changeout without timely setup during reinstallation

  • Allows for fitting of speed sensors and other periphery appliances

  • Available for multi directional loading 


  • Spherical roller bearings as a  standard

  • Deep groove ball bearing is available in certain design

  • CARB bearing available for one end only upon request

  • Typically used from size 22209 to 23160 

  • Inner ring lubrication available upon request

  • Sealed-for-life available on smaller sizes

Inner Sealing Arrangement

  • Keeps grease out of the pulley shell, and ensures the grease follows the correct path

  • Available in standard and custom design

  • Available in standard designs to allow reliable operation and short lead times

  • Available in custom design to suit any application