HF400 Movable Belt Feeder

Key Specifications

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HF400 Movable Belt Feeder.jpg

HF400 Movable Belt Feeder is standardized for
movable feeding applications. It can be used in ports, power plants, stock yards and mines for primary or secondary conveying purposes.

HF400 Movable Belt Feeder can be used in several applications and easily combined with different layouts. It can be used to feed a link conveyor or a stacker. Also secondary use to feed an overland
conveyor is possible.

Movable Belt Feeder can be easily relocated to another position depending on the current need. Towing point for front end loader is arranged in the tail end section.

Movable Belt Feeder can be optionally delivered with Plug&Play Electrification. In the standard electrical cabinet a frequency converter allows soft starting and belt speed adjustment. It can also
be connected to a communication bus to allow remote condition monitoring and control.