Using Conveyor Vibration Analysis to Deliver Better Components

High-throughput conveyors are not immune to failure. Issues with components such as pulleys and their bearings can trigger unexpected shutdowns and create logistical problems that impede the productivity of busy mine sites. NEPEAN Conveyors employs advanced technology to conduct conveyor vibration analysis on its pulleys to ensure clients receive products optimised for an extended service life.


The most common causes of failure identified through conveyor vibration analysis


Conveyor vibration analysis offers an opportunity to understand the health of a pulley before it ever enters a live production system. Anomalous vibrations introduced into a conveyor’s frames can indicate a problem with the pulley which could include:


  1. Pulley defects – a lapse in tolerance can introduce undesirable changes in operation

  2. Bearing failures – vibrational analysis can uncover bearing defects undetectable through a visual inspection

  3. Miscellaneous failure modes – we can investigate any deviation from the required operational specifications.


Even brand-new bearings sometimes feature imperfections that ultimately cause failure. NEPEAN Conveyors undertakes extensive testing of components before delivery for a client to ensure correct operation immediately from installation.


Preventing Problems and Delivering Better Solutions


Our dedication to delivering products that meet only the highest standards led us to the advantages of conveyor vibration analysis. Clients also see some of these benefits in the form of:


  1. Lowered maintenance costs accompanying a reduction in pulley replacements

  2. Smooth, seamless integration of new components into older systems

  3. Confidence in the quality, durability, and value of this conveyor hardware.


Select a conveyor component supplier that takes all the steps necessary to deliver the ideal products. Get in touch with NEPEAN Conveyors today to learn more.

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