Medium Duty Pulley

Medium Duty Pulley

NEPEAN’s medium duty pulleys are suitable for medium tensions, designed to meet a range of applications including long distance overland systems and trunk and maingate mining installations.


Features and Benefits:

  • In-house design fit for purpose

  • Medium range tension design, low-cost with short lead time

  • Diameters to suit up to PN1000 belt.

  • Bare, poly or rubber lagging

  • Cost effective pipe design with pipes 160-450mm (OD)

  • Standardised design to suit to belt types: PN500/3 | PN630/4 | PN800/4 |PN1000/4 and belt widths 750 - 1200 mm

  • Rugged for tough mining conditions

  • Space-saving to reduce overall equipment size and weight

  • Custom designed to suit any application.


Available Options:

  • Live or dead shaft

  • Flat or crowned pulleys

  • Drive or non-drive

  • Stainless steel for magnets and corrosive environments


Typical Applications:

  • Trunk conveyors (1600-2000 mm belt width).

  • Maingate conveyors (1400-1800 mm belt width).