Purchase Quality Conveyor Guarding Systems to Promote Workplace Safety

It’s a must to prioritise employee and visitor safety in the mining industry. Accidents in the mining industry are far less frequent than they were decades ago, but mines still constitute high-risk areas. Conveyor systems and related heavy equipment must always be fitted with conveyor guarding systems to mitigate workplace hazards and increase safety.


Significant Problems Associated with Poor Conveyor Guarding Systems?

Conveyor guarding systems improve safety, ensure compliance, and increase employee productivity by enhancing peace of mind. However, inadequate systems can lead to the following issues:


  • Damage to conveyors and other mechanical systems caused by a lack of adequate protection.

  • Injury to personnel resulting from improper contact with machinery.

  • Low-quality systems may need replacing more often than necessary, adversely affecting your bottom line.

At NEPEAN Conveyors, we take an individualised approach to each client so that we can design and install guarding systems in accordance with the needs of their site. We use the highest-grade materials, cutting-edge mechanical, structural, civil and electrical engineering practices and state-of-the-art technology create uniquely effective systems. Furthermore, we maintain a commitment to offering our premium products at competitive prices.

Why You Can Trust Us to Install Conveyor Guarding Systems

Our guarding solutions provide the following advantages to site owners and their employees:


  • Superior quality that ensures years of reliable use with proper maintenance.

  • Higher levels of protection that reduce the risk of injury for individuals who work with conveyor systems.

  • Enhanced longevity of conveyor systems and reduced service costs.

Learn more about the benefits of our solutions or receive information about our other services, by contacting our office directly and speaking to one of our professionals during regular business hours.

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