Conveyor Drives

Conveyor Drive

NEPEAN Conveyors remain at the forefront of design and manufacture of power systems for conveyors which are tailored
to our customer’s specific needs.


With decades of experience with all types of drive systems, NEPEAN Conveyors deliver solutions designed to facilitate our customer’s commercial success.


Some common drive types include:


VVVF – Variable Voltage Variable Frequency
NEPEAN Conveyors, in association with

NEPEAN Power, are able to offer the most

advanced, high tech VVVF conveyor drive



NEPEAN Conveyors are proud to have
this drive technology in the
mining sector, with over 200MW of installed equipment to date. With unparalleled acceleration control and drive load sharing, adjustable speed facility and the ability to perform braking from the drive unit, VVVF drive technology is the preferred drive choice of our major customers.


CST – Controlled Start Transmission
NEPEAN Conveyors offers experience and knowledge in the design and operation of CST drives and refurbishment to stringent OEM control. Trialled, tested and proven since 1993, CST drives are a reliable mechanical solution for conveyor control and have been adopted globally.


For more demanding situations, NEPEAN
can provide variable filled drive
solutions with
control functionality equal to CST
and VVVF drive


BOSS Drives
The NEPEAN Conveyor patented Hydraulic Wet
Clutch is a time-proven technology for
power range conveyors. A gap in drive
between simple and complex systems
led to the 
development of the BOSS Hydraulic
Disc Clutch System. 


The BOSS drive offers the most simple, time dependent, controlled start system, excellent for use in underground mining. The BOSS drive can be retrofitted to existing constant fill fluid coupling drive units, providing an inexpensive and ergonomic upgrade pathway for existing conveyor systems required to reach increased mine production targets.



VVVF Conveyor Drive
Boss Drive