Why You Need a Dependable Conveyor Brake System

The automation of various mining processes has led to substantial improvements in speed and cost-effectiveness. However, control over these processes remains vital to their safe operation and essential for compliance with industry regulations. Purchasing an advanced conveyor brake system can bolster your mining efforts exponentially, giving you the ability to protect your workers and equipment by stopping operations at any time.


What Can Go Wrong with a Conveyor Brake System?


Avoid low-quality brake systems for your mining conveyors to prevent the following risks:


  • A braking system unable to account for the load placed on your conveyors, allowing your products to sustain damage.

  • Workplace accidents caused by an unreliable control mechanism or inferior component parts.

  • Increased repair costs due to frequent mechanical failures.

At NEPEAN Conveyors, we work closely with clients and provide thorough on-site inspections before each job so that we can design and install appropriate brake systems. As a global supplier of conveyor systems, we understand the various needs at different facilities and can develop site-specific solutions.

The Benefits of a NEPEAN Conveyor Brake System

Our high-end conveyor brake systems ensure safety in design by offering:

  • Value-engineered components delivering superior performance for years with minimal maintenance.

  • Consistent improvements to workplace safety and lower employer liability.

  • Advanced protection for raw materials and heavy machinery.

Don't hesitate to call one of our professionals at NEPEAN Conveyors to learn more about our high-quality solutions and how they can benefit your site.

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