Finding Conveyor Belt Storage That Balances Protection & Accessibility

When operations shift to a new active mining zone, proper conveyor belt storage is necessary to prevent damage and allow for quick transportation. NEPEAN Conveyor’s engineers consistently evaluate our solutions to make refinements and stay on-trend with developments in the mining industry. When you require new storage solutions, we can offer storage solutions for any belt regardless of width, application, or total capacity.


Frequent Concerns with Conveyor Belt Storage


By choosing NEPEAN Conveyors for your storage solutions, you’ll also avoid these problems common to conveyor belt storage applications:


  1. Undesirable exposure to moisture leading to damaging expansion and possible cracking

  2. Transportation difficulties arising from unwieldy belt storage methods

  3. Insufficient capacity for storage of live belts

  4. Lack of advanced design and functionality for faster removals

Choose a supplier that designs and manufactures innovative solutions in response to industry demands. Involved in supporting mining and engineering projects for more than 35 years, NEPEAN Conveyors puts this experience to work for our customers. These state-of-the-art products enable easier installation and facilitate faster decommissioning.


Other Products and Services We Provide


NEPEAN Conveyors is also capable of providing our customers with:

  1. Various types of quiet, durable, and well-engineered conveyor components

  2. Complete design and manufacture of complex bulk handling hardware, including underground conveyors

  3. Equipment for service and maintenance to be used in conjunction with conveyor belt storage


NEPEAN Conveyors focuses on delivering purpose-built solutions that enable more effective industrial operations. Place a call to our team at your next opportunity for well-informed assistance.

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