Belt Storage Unit & Loop Take Up Systems

Belt Storage Unit

Two styles of railbay are available, each with a unique advantage:

  • Compression Beam Design – excellent for weak ground conditions

  • S-Beam Design – improved access to carriage and belt separators, self-shedding of fines build-up and stackable for transport


Unique to rapid advance/rapid retreat conveyor
systems such as panel belts in underground coal
mines or servicing tunnel boring machines


In addition to the functions of a conventional LTU,
the belt s
torage unit provides:

  • ‘Live’ belt storage capacity.

  • Additional capacity to remove belt
    stretch on long centred conveyors.

  • Rapid removal of belt when used in
    conjunction with a belt reeler.


NEPEAN Conveyors can design belt storage systems to suit any conveyor application, for any belt width, with any storage capacity.


Options Available:

  • Liveshaft or deadshaft pulleys

  • Belt clamps

  • Integrated winch

  • Galvanised or painted

  • Driven or dynamically
    belt storage units

Transport is simplified with
tyne pockets and


Faster Installation
Locating pins and modular guarding systems allow for rapid installation and decommissioning.

The industry leader in advancing/retreating Belt Conveyor Storage and Loop Take Up systems.


The innovative NEPEAN Conveyors ‘S-Beam’ railbay technology allows us to better serve industry specific needs and keep ahead of trends in underground coal and precious metal mining techniques.


S-Beam Design
Liveshaft or Deadshaft Pulleys