Belt Monitoring System

Complete Belt Monitoring System
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HX270 Belt Condition Monitoring System_U

Market leading technology in belt monitoring. The BMS unit allows you to identify damage from minor to critical in real time with user defined parameters. The live data stream allows damage to be identified as its occurring, this intern reduces the severity of incidents and downtime for repairs therefore reducing cost & increasing belt life through early notification. 

Remote access availability enables all key stake holders control & viewing at anytime from anywhere. Technical  support from the supplier from remote locations as required.

HX270 Material & Clean Side Monitoring


  • Continuous belt monitoring and recording

  • User configurable packages as required

  • for specific applications

  • Misalignment measurement

  • Material side typically installed near

  • unloading point

  • Clean side typically installed between

  • the carrying and return belt near loading

  • point

  • Material and clean side installations

  • require minimal modification to existing  structure.

HX270-3 Control Module and User Interface

• Controls the conveyor and any addition HX270-1 or HX270-2 monitoring modules
• Supports local and remote User interface access
• Notifications in the form of audible alarms, emails & text messages
• Belt fault data viewing, reporting and storing


BMS Screen view.png